Build, Deploy & Maintain Better WordPress Projects

What is Alpackit?
In a sentence: the worlds' best staging-environment for WordPress.

A good developer is a lazy developer. And we want to ensure that you can be as lazy as possible.

How? by automating everything.

Alpackit uses more then 30 years of knowledge and best practises to take your WordPress builds, deploys and maintenance to a whole new level.

Ask yourself the question: how much do I repeat project-to-project?

We want to ensure that you repeat as few actions as possible. Things like installing WordPress, create a child-theme and setting up your boilerplate environment. Let us worry about that!

Setting up

While installing WordPress there are several settings you need to go through, every single time you start a new project. Language settings, searchbot settings, admin users, removal of pre-installed plugins and themes, permalinks etc.

We’ve got your back!

Installing plugins

One of the great advantages of using WordPress is the enormous amount of free and commercial plugins. Whilst we do want to encourage you not to install a plugin for every little thing you want to accomplish, there are always several go-to plugins you want to install on every project.

Why don’t you let us do the lifting for you?

Custom development

How do you handle custom code? We all have several things we copy into our projects. With Alpackit you can add custom code easily by connecting to your GIT repos. Any push to that repository will trigger updates across all your Alpackit projects.

Keep all your projects up-to-date with without the push of a button.

Start a project in seconds

Because we know which plugins, themes and preferences you've used on your first alpackit project, we can apply them automatically to your second and spin up a fresh project setup for you in one click!

Sounds good?

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We automate all your environments

We track which team members are working on a local version of your project and tell you who's behind on updates.

Download the latest version of staging, straight for your local environment, without having to manage database migrations and URL search-and-replaces

Active Environments

Environment Last update Actions Production Updating right now Staging at 11:30
my-project.test Local at 11:44
localhost:8888/my-project Local at 11:30
Error on last deploy

My project


We automate all your deployments

Deploy code automatically through git. We always check your deploys on staging first. If you want (and the deploy doesn't contain errors), we can always push your newest git commit straight to production for you.

And we automate all your updates

Alpackit knows which environment is running which version of a plugin. By default we update everything to the latest version. If the update causes an error, we won't update the plugin on production and send you a message.

Yoast SEO (v. 18.6) installed and activated


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We're releasing Alpackit in the wild in September of 2022

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